10 Minute Home Lunge Workout

You need to add this Lunge Workout to your home routine ASAP!

If you are saying to yourself “Ugh! Lunges!” – you are not alone.

I get a lot of complaints about lunges. People commonly report experiencing knee pain during their lunge workout, so they unfortunately stop doing lunges all together.

Lunges are an extremely functional exercise and a great way to build strength in the lower body, which means it’s something I love to incorporate in workouts for myself and my clients.

I know knee pain is no fun, but knee pain during lunges can often times be eliminated by changing just a few key things about proper lunge form!

During this 10 Minute Lunge Challenge, I take you through the correct way to set up your lunge for success. I then sweat right along with you as we go through various lunge positions to get the biggest bang for your buck!

To point out the obvious, I was extremely pregnant when I filmed this video :). I consistently did lunges and squats during both of my pregnancies to stay strong and help keep my pelvic floor engaged. This is a great prenatal workout if you happen to be pregnant!

Enjoy this 10 Minute Lunge Challenge!


About Jessica

Jessica Valant, MSPT, PMA-CPT, is a mom, wife, business owner, licensed physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor. She has been practicing for over 15 years, and has a passion for spreading the joy in a Pilates lifestyle! She teaches online workouts and workshops for students and professionals in the Pilates and PT industries.

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