Exercise Programs

 Jessica Valant Pilates Unlimited – as little as $8.25 a month


Join countless other people who have taken their workouts to another level by becoming a Jessica Valant Pilates Unlimited member!

Our Unlimited Membership includes: Unlimited access to ALL of my workout videos, many of which can’t be found anywhere except the membership community. You also receive a monthly workout calendar, recommending exactly what workouts to do each day for the best results, meal plans, recipe guides, access to my exclusive Facebook Live workouts and never-ending motivation.

The membership site is our most popular program and is helping countless people feel and look their best! All of the full length workouts and eating plans I offer are given to members for free (this includes my Scoliosis workout, Endometriosis workout, 10 Days to a Stronger Core, and 10 Day Clean Eating Guide).

I’d love to have you join me on this journey to amazing health and a vibrant life!

Become a Jessica Valant Pilates Unlimited Member today!

30 Day “Pilates Plus” Bootcamp – $40



It’s time to get serious about weight loss, muscle building, eating healthy, staying accountable, being healthy and feeling your best!

Join me and a group of dedicated people just like yourself who want to jumpstart our health and fitness! I will be hosting the next 30 Day “Pilates Plus” Bootcamp starting on May 1, 2017. I will provide you with 30 days of amazing workouts, including exercise videos, PDF instructionals, general tips and injury modifications.

As the name implies, these workouts are more than just Pilates routines! They will include the perfect combination of cardiovascular activity, resistance training, stretching and toning to give you a healthy and strong body. Each workout is no more than 30 minutes and can be done at home with little or no equipment, guaranteeing you can squeeze it in, even on the busiest of days!

In addition to the workouts, you’ll be given my popular 10 Day Clean Eating Guide. This gives you specific food recommendations and recipes for 10 days of eating that can help you decrease bloating, increase energy and lose weight. I will also be personally moderating our private Facebook group during the 30 days, so I can be there to answer questions and help guide you on your journey.

Come along with me as I walk you through exactly what I do to stay healthy, build muscle, maintain my weight and stay motivated!

Interested in our next Pilates Plus Bootcamp in May of 2017? 

Sign up here to learn all the details as they are released and to have a chance to sign up before the program opens to the public!


10 Days to a Stronger Core – $20



Your core is one of the most important parts of your body! When it is weak, you can experience back pain, poor posture, incontinence and that dreaded belly pooch. I developed this system to tackle all of those issues and leave you feeling longer, stronger and more toned in your midsection! You will get immediate access to 10 workouts videos, each addressing a different part of your core. You also will get 2 bonus workout videos and my 3 Day Flat Belly Detox Meal Plan. Find out how strong your core can really be!

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Pilates for Endometriosis Workout – $20


Jessica was diagnosed with endometriosis and fibroids in 2005. Since then, she’s used specific Pilates exercises to help her manage her symptoms and stay healthy. Jessica created this workout for other people suffering from pain and tightness due to endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS or PMS symptoms.

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Full Workout For Scoliosis – $20


Many people suffer from scoliosis and aren’t sure what they can do to help. I’ve put together a 50 minute workout routine you can do at home to help pain and problems associated with scoliosis! This is a perfect routine for both people who suffer from scoliosis and health care practitioners who treat clients with scoliosis. 

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Full Body Mat Workout DVD – $20



Take your workout to the next level with this challenging and inspiring 60 minute Pilates session!  You will burn calories and build strength while focusing on glutes, abs, core stabilization, muscle toning, posture and flexibility.  This workout is perfect for home or travel – it is broken into four segments that allow you to pick your desired workout if you are limited on time.  Or do the entire workout for a full body Pilates class!  Modifications are given throughout the exercises, so you can tailor the workout to your needs and desired level of intensity.


Prenatal Mat Pilates DVD – $20


This Prenatal Pilates Workout is perfect for women wanting an appropriate exercise routine during any stage of pregnancy.  You will be taken through 60 minutes of basic to intermediate exercises that focus on your breathing, posture, body awareness, strength and muscle control.  It is a great way to maintain and even improve your health and the health of your growing baby, while strengthening the bond between the two of you during this special time.  Jessica uses her knowledge and experience as a physical therapist, Pilates Instructor and pregnant woman to guide you through an effective and fun workout you can feel good about.


Skype Individual Training or Physical Therapy sessions – $55/30 minutes, $100/60 minutes


Would you like to learn more about a specific injury you have? Would you like to have an exercise program created for your specific body type and goals? Do you have a reformer at home and need someone to tell you exactly what to do with it?

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to work directly with Jessica, all from the comfort of your own home.

Learn more about our 60 minute and 30 minute individual training sessions through Skype.


Continuing Education and Workshops for Professionals



Click here to learn more about my online and in person workshops!

Home Fitness Equipment

I’ve compiled all of my favorite toys for fabulous home workouts! This is the exact equipment I use at home, and it comes shipped directly to you. Click here to browse and purchase.