Jessica’s Energy Bite Recipe

  Since starting my healthy eating journey, I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect quick snack.  My requirements: healthy ingredients, low fat and low calorie, nutritious, good source of protein, with a hint of sweetness.  I would prefer gluten, soy and dairy free, but it’s not a deal breaker.  I have tried every […]

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Barre Routine for your Booty!

workout schedule

I discovered barre workouts while visiting a friend in Ft. Worth, TX, three years ago.  I was never a dancer (don’t let the word “barre” scare you!) and was very unfamiliar with what a barre was.  Luckily for me it didn’t involve a single ballet move, but instead busted my buns for an hour straight! […]

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The Perfect Salad Dressing!

salad dressing

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend!  We were pretty busy with a friend’s 40th birthday party, a sushi dinner, football (go Broncos!) and relaxing family time.  We watched World War Z (it was ok – not great) and I got in some food prep for the week and a sweat box workout […]

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Saying Good-bye

Last night I took the last two Pilates classes that Monica Schutt will teach at Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy.  She and her beautiful family are moving to Washington.  Her husband is in the military and they were recently informed they would be leaving Hawaii for their next assignment (it happens a lot here and […]

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Making a Big Decision

I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, and moved to Denver, CO, for physical therapy school in 1998.  I met my future husband there, started my career there, and loved Denver.  I felt at home there and had created a life for myself.  I never had any thoughts of leaving.  (insert laughter here :)) My […]

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Two Minute Ab Burner!

I have Mr. Joseph Pilates to thank for many things in my life.  One of those things is his amazing Abdominal Series!  You don’t know abdominal burn until you do this series.  It’s effective and efficient and hits all the right core muscles while getting your heart rate up.  As a physical therapist, I truly […]

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Exploring Gluten

Do you feel lately like gluten may be the source of all that is wrong in our world?  I can’t turn my head without reading about the “evils of gluten!  Gluten is definitely enjoying it’s 15 minutes in the spotlight, and everyone is questioning whether they are “allergic” to it. Let me answer the question […]

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The Sweat Box Workout

I planned on doing a Pilates class at noon today, but baby girl and I were having too much fun and she didn’t go down for her nap until 1:30. At that point I proceeded to get an email that got me a little stressed. So here I was needing to exercise, frustration to burn […]

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