What’s in my Refrigerator?

I love cooking shows, but I often wonder how realistic they are. I mean, they have other people buying groceries for them and cleaning up. All the food is already prepped. And the refrigerator is picture perfect. There are no half open condiments, spills or treats. I just can’t really relate! I love taking peeks […]

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What I Ate Wednesday…Really!

I have no idea why I love hearing about what other people eat during the day. But I do. There is something both comforting and inspiring about seeing what other health professionals, writers and dietitians eat on a regular Wednesday during the week. I get inspired from their creative and easy at home lunches. I’m comforted […]

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My 12 Tips for Eating Less Sugar


Thank you to Lifehack.org for the opportunity to research and write this article and for sharing it with their audience.  You guys know I like sugar. I work daily to keep the sugar monster far from my life. Apparently, I’m not alone! Americans consume over 22 teaspoons of added sugar every day, which is three times the […]

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