Last night I took the last two Pilates classes that Monica Schutt will teach at Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy.  She and her beautiful family are moving to Washington.  Her husband is in the military and they were recently informed they would be leaving Hawaii for their next assignment (it happens a lot here and is something we have had to get used to unfortunately).  While it’s an exciting time in her life and inevitable in the military world, it’s somewhat bittersweet for what she is leaving behind.  Harmony is losing an amazing physical therapist, Pilates instructor and overall leader and encourager.  I personally am also losing a friend who kicks my booty in class and is always there for a walk with our babies or a glass of wine.

Many people have asked me if I’ve replaced Monica at Harmony.  I have to pause before answering.  Yes, I have hired another awesome PT to help fill the hours we will be losing, and we are super lucky to have her.  But have I actually “replaced” her?  No.  Was I trying to?  No again.  She, like everyone else at Harmony and in my life, is unique and fills a very specific roll only she can fill.  I would be banging my head against a wall trying to replace her at the studio because she brings what only she, as a true individual, can bring.  Our new PT will bring something else completely wonderful with other skills and talents.  It would be unfair to both of them, and would limit possibilities, if I just tried to replace what we already have.

This can be applied to so many different areas of our lives.  I’ve noticed it a lot since my daughter was born.  Even though she’s only five months old, I already feel that time is going so fast!  We started giving her a little solid food this week, and I actually was really sad thinking that I’d miss breastfeeding as much.  (I could be a wreck when she actually leaves for college someday :))  I’ve consciously had to live every moment in the present with her, because if I am always looking back to the last stage, I’ll easily miss the current one!  Each stage she is in has it’s own amazing unique qualities.   Change is inevitable, so I want to be a part of experiencing it and not regretting it.

Things change, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing!  They are meant to change, just as we are meant to evolve and grow.   When we create something – whether it’s a child, a business, a marriage or a relationship – we have to believe in it (and in ourselves) enough to know it will withstand change.  I adore every single person on the Harmony staff and I hope they chose to stay with us forever.  I also know that they may have to move on for their own growth someday, and Harmony will keep going with our vision and will succeed.   You can’t take it personally when people in your life change or move on.  It’s part of their journey and their path, and something greater is waiting for both of you.  Hopefully you were able to grow and learn while your paths crossed, no matter how long the time period was.  You are all “irreplaceable” in this thing we call life!

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