My Recommended Home Workout Schedule

We have all been forced to find some kind of new routine in the past eight weeks, including for our home workout schedule. This includes our jobs, our kids, parents, family, friends, commute, sleep, self care and our exercise. While the majority of my workouts were done at home prior to this global crisis, I […]

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Why Your Exercise Routine Isn’t Working

exercise routine

Is there anything more frustrating than spending time and money on your exercise routine and still not getting the results you want? You buy class packages, go to the gym, purchase the next best piece of equipment or hire a trainer, and yet you still don’t see the changes you were hoping to see. I’ve […]

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The Key To True Life Balance


Balance. It’s something the world tells us we should strive for. It’s also something that causes large amounts of stress, guilt, anxiety and general confusion for most women. We think if we really had balance in our lives, the laundry would be folded, the dinner would be perfect, the to-do list would be done and […]

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