The Key To True Life Balance


Balance. It’s something the world tells us we should strive for. It’s also something that causes large amounts of stress, guilt, anxiety and general confusion for most women. We think if we really had balance in our lives, the laundry would be folded, the dinner would be perfect, the to-do list would be done and […]

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The Best Inner Thigh Exercises

inner thigh

  I’m kind of obsessed with giving my clients inner thigh exercises. When the inner thigh muscles are worked correctly, they not only give a beautiful look to legs, they help support and stabilize the pelvis, low back and knees. I feel like inner thigh exercises are the missing piece for many people looking for […]

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How Pilates and My Mat Helped Save Me


  I received a voicemail last week that contained something new for me. “I did some research into Pilates and heard about something called the mind-body connection. I’m a Christian and that doesn’t match with what I believe, so I need to cancel our sessions at this time.” Most importantly, I’m very glad this person […]

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Ultimate Pyramid Workout for Home

While I love home workouts now, that wasn’t always the case. I didn’t have space, I didn’t know what to do and I DEFINITELY didn’t have the motivation to get off my couch and exercise after a long day at work. One day I was reading some girlie magazine and it had a little snippet offering […]

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