What’s in my Refrigerator?

I love cooking shows, but I often wonder how realistic they are. I mean, they have other people buying groceries for them and cleaning up. All the food is already prepped. And the refrigerator is picture perfect. There are no half open condiments, spills or treats. I just can’t really relate! I love taking peeks […]

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The Best Golf Exercises

golfer exercises

Golf Exercises Are you a golfer? I’m not. In full disclosure, I’ve golfed once in my life. It was a three hole course in St. Lucia and I was in a bikini. I don’t think it counts. My many rounds of miniature golf just don’t cut it, either. What I have done is seen hundreds […]

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My Favorite Prenatal Vitamins

I talk a lot about nutrition here at Jessica Valant Pilates, and you all know how important I feel good vitamins are to improving our overall health. Now that I’m 23 weeks pregnant, I continue to have a love affair with my vitamins. I’ve adjusted what I’m taking slightly, and filmed this short video to […]

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