I honestly was never very good at home workouts.  I can be easily distracted by all the “other” things I should be doing – cleaning, cooking, laundry, phone calls.  I also like to be told what to do.  This might seem strange coming from an exercise instructor, but when instructing myself I get bored or tend to do things that aren’t challenging!  I like following an instructor or clear route in my workouts.  But now that I have a 3 month old, both my time and my ability to leave the house on a whim are limited, so I’ve had to either change my ways or not workout.  No question which I chose!  For the days my hubby can’t watch Fiona during my workout time, I’ve had to come up with strategies that give me an effective and fun home workout!

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My home workouts are divided into two distinct categories – when Fiona is awake and when she’s asleep!  For the times she’s awake, I prefer getting outside and walking or running.  We both love being outside, but it doesn’t always happen depending on the weather.  So I workout with her inside!  If she needs to be held or in the carrier, I squat!  Regular squats, single leg squats, plie squats, calf raises…you name it and my legs have done it.  Now that she enjoys floor time so much, I lay with her and do my Pilates.  She loves to sit on my legs so I bridge while she does.  I can do supine leg circles and sidelying leg series while she does tummy time next to me.  She loves to “fly” on my shins so I do teaser and abdominal series!  Let me tell you, a 12 pound baby adds quite the challenge 🙂

For when she’s sleeping, I literally get set like I’m going to the gym – workout clothes, tennis shoes, headphones.  It is a great trick that tells your mind and body a workout is coming!  I do 30-60 minutes of either an online class (I like Pilates Anytime or Yoga Download), an exercise DVD (yes I actually do my own Pilates DVD!) or interval training.  Right now I’m really motivated by making a little mini “bootcamp” for myself.  I use the timer on my phone and do series of 1 minute squats, 1 minute planks, 1 minute abs, 1 minute push-ups, etc….  I alternate this with lunges, bicep curls, sprinting down the driveway, etc…30 minutes flies by and I’m drenched and worked!


It helped me to write down the bootcamp and follow it as I was doing it (so I didn’t cheat!).  Let me know if you all want an example and I’ll post one!

Do you have any specific tips or hints you use to get a workout in at home?

Enjoy those squats!


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  1. Hi, do you have a section where your boot camps are posted? I did your pyramid one this evening– I’d love more like it!

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