This is the view I saw when I looked in my fridge this morning and it made me smile.

My fridge
My fridge

It might look chaotic at first glance, but there is a method to the madness (and a reason for all those plastic containers!)  The only way I’ve found to get through a healthy week of eating is to have things prepped and ready for me when I open the pantry or fridge.  It might take an hour of time at the beginning of the week, but it saves me so much actual meal prep time during the week.  It also helps me make better food choices.  If I stand in front of the fridge for five minutes with the door open and have no idea where to start for dinner, my husband’s offer to order pizza is hard to pass up!

Here’s a map to the fridge:

kale, mini bell peppers, carrots – washed & ready to use

bulgar wheat – I made a bunch and kept it plain to put on salads

canteloupe – peeled & cut in bite sized pieces

Protein Energy Bites – just what it sounds like!  Recipe to come…

homemade balsamic dijon salad dressing – perfect on kale!

healthy trail mix

soba noodles

and in the foil?  leftover pizza!!  I got behind and the fridge was empty the night that happened…told you 🙂

Lunch today took me five minutes to put together!  Kale, bulgar, bell peppers and balsamic dijon dressing.  Enjoy your prepping!



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